Chebba Magazine - White lesbians discriminated versus colored ones

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Update by user Dec 09, 2011

This artikel is about People from the Netherlands of the same sex: Lesbians and Gays

The agressiveness towards people from the same gender. We had rapports that especially the Lesbians and Gays where targeted.

We will refain Lesbians as: *** because of the sensitive content and the violence of this review

Original review posted by user Dec 09, 2011

In the Netherlands we speak the language of freedom, love and entertainment. We have practice of every religion and freedom of speech. Everybody has the right to express their selves in media; paper and television. We had lot's of different culturs and emmigrants coming into the Netherlands. All was good till late 90's. Emmigrants foreigner became more agressive towards people from the same gender. We had rapports that especially the *** and Gays where targeted.

There have been incidents that White Lesbians have been beaten, bullied and kicked to death in a supermarket by (North) African men. Turkish men insulting White Gays and who have also been beaten. Further more while the White *** & *** community have their problems with agrassivity from emmigrants.

The Black *** & *** community are having enermous pain seeing one of their kind are beeing beaten up. The Police is helpless in these kind of situations. If only they had the courage to fight on, well we wil never know. They who have been beaten, have to bring this to their graves and always remain silent. because they do wish to marry in the Netherlands in public are getting insulted and beaten by people they don't know again. The only way they can express them is the famous Dutch parade: The *** Pride where they come out once in a while in a year. It's like a cyclus that go's on. Just a moment pleasure and then go back, ironic.




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